Eco-Friendly Coffee Pods: The Responsible Way to Nespresso

biodegradable pods australia

We all love a fresh, aromatic coffee, made quickly, easily and without fuss.  That is why the pod (or capsule) coffee machine, such as the hugely popular Nespresso, has become such a big thing in recent years. 

The pods used with these machines contain two coffee filters with the espresso coffee grounds between them.  This is pre-packaged individually and ready to be used in the machine for a ready-made fresh brew.

The pod coffee machine is a technological breakthrough which bypasses the preparation and the clean-up needed with other café-style coffee machines. Either at home or the office kitchen, coffee connoisseurs don’t necessarily need to hunt down a barista-made coffee to get their coffee fix.  And as a bonus, it works out cheaper to do it yourself with a pod.

But hot on the heels of the coffee pod trend is the guilt-factor over the environmental impact of the discarded coffee capsules.  Our love of coffee had, in the past, produced empties which only went into landfill. Now you don’t have to let your sense of environmental responsibility make you abandon your coffee capsule machine altogether (more waste!).  So hold on to your Nespresso!

eco-friendly coffee pods

Biodegradable Coffee Pods – Australia

For The environemtally Conscious

Where there is an environmental conscience, there is innovation.  Smart specialty coffee companies like the Gold Coast’s Cre8ive Coffee are coming to the fore with biodegradable, compostable, eco-friendly coffee pods.  So now you can be safe in the knowledge that the entire product – coffee, capsule, foil and all can, when properly composted in an industrial facility, leave no impact on the environment.

In the past, the only coffee capsules available were those which were made out of unrecyclable plastic.  The innovation challenge when producing a biodegradable alternative was to ensure the material is still durable enough to withstand a reasonable shelf life and keep the coffee inside securely, freshly sealed.

One of the solutions to this is through the use of plant-based composite plastics.  These can be made entirely from plants such as sugarcane and sugar beet – which is 100% biodegradable and compostable.  It’s just important that the capsules are correctly disposed of via an appropriate industrial facility once used.

So now you can stick with the fool-proof way to make a consistently high quality coffee every single time without having to spend the time and money dashing out to a café each time you want a coffee.

Gold Coast coffee roasters Cre8ive Coffee have perfected Nespresso-compatible Italian-style coffee pods  They fully support the innovation of biodegradable coffee pod packaging.  It is a step in the right direction for all waste-conscious coffee lovers who want to enjoy the high-quality taste without the environmental damage.

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