Cre8ive Coffee is Changing to East Coast Roast

We’re excited to announce that we are changing our name to East Coast Roast. Our customers tell us the brand needs a refresh, and we tend to agree. Being 100% locally owned and roasted, with a 20 year history on the Gold Coast, we want the brand to represent what we are about. Modern and fresh, something that reminds people of the Gold Coast.

Our coffee recipes and blends won’t change at all, we’ll just refresh the branding – coffee bags, umbrellas, barriers etc and keep doing what we do – fresh, locally roasted coffee, supplied to you, 1-3 weeks after roasting.

Our flagship 888 blend will become Coastal Blend, Central American will become Hinterland and Costa D’oro will remain as Costa D’oro. We will also be working on some limited blends to offer in small batches, once we commission our new 7kg small batch roaster.

Continuing with the local theme, I’ve worked with multiple award winning local Gold Coast designer Dave Heavyside to come up with a unique brand that we feel represents the Gold Coast well. We wanted something that reminded me of when I first moved to the Gold Coast, going for a surf and sitting up at Burleigh Headland having a coffee afterwards.

We hope you like the re-brand and we hope you continue to support a locally owned and roasted coffee.

In terms of logistics, we’ll be rolling out the new brand gradually from December onwards. There is a fair bit to update, so the process is going to take a little while. We’re also planning on releasing some more elevated cafe activations to showcase the new brand, so keep an eye out for it.

If you have any questions feel free to email me, Jess or Erin in the office