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How to store your Cre8ive Coffee

The question asked most by every Cre8ive coffee customer who visits our roastery – How should I store my coffee? we are all crazy coffee lovers who want to get the most out of our coffee so here is some helpful info.

The most important points to note are your coffee’s worst enemies- Air, moisture, heat and light. As a rule of thumb keeping your beans in a cool, dark and dry place is a good option… i.e. your pantry cupboard. Avoid places like on top of your coffee machine, kitchen counter or cupboards next to an oven or element that may experience heat.

Although ok to keep your coffee in its original bag, retail packages are not ideal for longer term storage. Our recommendation is investing in an air tight storage canister, preferably not clear as could be subjected to light easily.
While freezing your beans does not change the actual brewing process, it is important to remember coffee is hygroscopic, meaning it can absorb moisture, odours and even tastes from its surrounding environment.

If you must freeze your coffee be sure to try and take out the amount you need for a couple of days to avoid subjecting the beans to moisture through opening and closing the container.
Storage chat aside, buying FRESH is always best! Coffee aroma and taste begins to deteriorate after some time, especially faster once the bean is ground. Buy smaller amounts based on what you consume and make sure you use it within 6 weeks for beans and 2 weeks for ground.

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