Central American – Coffee Blends for Latin Coffee Lovers

Central American is an all-round ‘crowd pleaser’.  The blend is great combined to make a delicious sweet chocolate mocha.  It makes a great milk coffee or a mocha with a touch of citrus as a black.

Central American is a medium acidity blend with a complex flavour, clean clarity and chocolatey tasting notes.



Sweet Mocha


Zesty Citrus



Brazil Monte Alegre | Natural – the superb, naturally processed coffee beans originate from the Monte Alegre Estate in Brazil.  The coffee beans are variable in colouring and produce a light-acidity coffee with a complex berry and fruit flavour.  These are roasted to between medium and dark for optimum taste, and are suitable for espresso blends and French press infusions.

Ethiopia Yirgachaffe (washed) – these distinctive Ethiopian well-finished, clean coffee beans have a medium-to-high acidity and body, and are roasted light-to-medium to produce a complex, dynamic, bright flavour.

Colombian | Supremo – Supremo coffee beans are large-grade coffee beans with a strong green colour to produce good, pronounced acidity coffee that is highly aromatic, balanced, delicate and sweet fruited.  To maintain the beans’ characteristics, they are best roasted medium-high or medium.



Central American is favoured by most coffee lovers.  This delicious blend gives sweet mocha and chocolate flavours as a milk coffee or with touch of citrus as a black coffee. You can experiment using different techniques to come up with the cup of Central American that is perfect for you.  At Cre8ive Coffee, we recommend the Central American blend be made as an espresso, using french press or stovetop.

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