Crafted Coffee Capsules

Biodegradable Coffee Pods – Australia

Our Crafted Coffee Capsules, otherwise known as eco friendly coffee pods, are compatible with Nespresso coffee machines, coming in a convenient, single-servings to quickly obtain fresh, aromatic coffee at the press of a button.

And you need not worry about any negative environmental impact because they not only provide you with a satisfying cup of delicious, specialty coffee in the comfort of your home or office but are also friendly to our environment.

Our Cre8ive Crafted Coffee Capsules are made solely from patented, plant-based composite plastics designed to decompose completely, leaving nothing but healthy biological nutrients.  Made from sugar beet and sugarcane, foil included, the packaging is entirely biodegradable.  They break down into compost when processed in the correct industrial set conditions. We know this is important to our many environmentally-conscious coffee-loving customers!

Enjoy the convenience of our Australian-produced, full bodied, medium-roasted, low acidity, Italian-style coffee with a clear conscience in the knowledge the leftover capsules will not wind up adding to landfill as is the case with other capsules which are made from plastic that is not recyclable or is made from aluminium.

In a nutshell, our eco-friendly coffee pods are:

  • Nespresso compatible
  • Biodegradable coffee pods
  • Compostable
  • Box of 12
  • Quality Italian-style coffee blend
  • Hermetically sealed oxygen barrier to maintain freshness

The capsules contain a dark, robust coffee blend which produces a strong bodied cup and are great for quickly and easily making your perfect morning wake-me-up brew.

Get the taste sensation of a medium body coffee and combine it with your favourite milk or milk substitute such as almond milk, rice milk, or macadamia milk.  Or drink it black or espresso style.  If you like, you can blend it with milk to create some cooling iced coffees or even coffee-based cocktails.  Be as creative as you wish.

Now you can feel great about making a perfect coffee every time while knowing the capsule will compost and break down.

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