Organic Espresso Blend Coffee

Cre8ive Specialty Coffees Organic espresso blend is a complex tasting blend with medium acidity and a smooth velvety mouthfeel. This specialty blend uses the best organic coffee beans Australia from only certified Fair Trade and Certified Organic producers from various regions. Caramel & toasted cocoa characteristics come through when enjoyed as a short black, with the addition of nutty flavour through milk.




Toasted Cocoa

Nutty Milk



Colombia Sierra Nevada | Organic Colombian coffee bean from the Tolima region is harvested between April to December at an altitude 1600-1950 MASL. Produced by Certified organic growers and processed using the washed method, the Sierra Nevada coffee bean gives a low acidity nutty charactertistics to the blend.

Peru Chanchanayo | Organic Peru Chanchanayo is harvested from August to November in the North, Central and southern regions of Peru. Grown at altitudes of 110-1300 meters above sea level and processed using the washed method.

Ethiopia FTO Sidamo | Organic Ethiopian FTO is grown in the province of Sidamo, Ethiopia, known well for producing coffees with fine acidity, body and sweetness. Harvested yearly from November to february and grown at an altitude of 1600-1800 meters about sea level, this washed organic coffee bean gives this blend sweet tasting notes.



Organic Coffee Australia – the Organic Espresso Blend is a medium acidity blend, roasted for espresso with crisp and complex flavours. Experiment with different methods for brewing your perfect Organic espresso blend. We like to enjoy ours as an espresso (that is, fine ground) or using the filter method (using a coarse grind).



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