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Green Organic Jungle Bean


Exhibits typical natural sweetness of a Colombian coffee, with delicate aromas of sweet berry & red fruits. Deliciously smooth silky mouth feel with a good body and clean balanced taste.

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Our green Organic Columbian Jungle Bean is from Santander, grown in the shadow with organic methods in Aratoca and Zapatoca municipalities, at 1850 m.a.l.s., that together with the generated microclimate inside the coffee plantation in our tropical forests, cause thermal amplitude between the day and night carrying the beans out to an accumulating highest mildness, a unique and special flavour. Ripe cherries are harvested from October through to January, picked individually by hand to maximise quality before being naturally sun dried over several days.

  • Harvested October to January
  • Red and Yellow Caturra and Colombian varitial 1850m ASL
  • Rain Forest Alliance certificate
  • Red fruit notes, juicy medium acidity with flavours of sweet berry
  • Overall good body with a clean

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