Organic Jungle Bean Coffee

Single Origin Colombian Organic Coffee Beans (Organic Coffee Roasters Australian)

Organic Jungle Bean is a single origin Colombian bean with juicy fruits and red berry characteristics.  This exotic product provides an overall good body, clean balanced cup of coffee.  Grown using certified organic coffee bean production, you can be assured of an enhanced coffee flavour without the use of chemicals.  This gourmet coffee is great for your taste buds, great for your health, and definitely great for the environment in which it is grown.



Red Fruits

Sweet Berry






Organic Jungle Bean is a medium roast coffee with clean flavours. Experiment with different methods for brewing your perfect Organic Jungle Bean cup. We like to enjoy ours as an espresso (that is, fine ground) or using the filter method (using a coarse grind). This coffee is also great for cold coffee brews, so you can make delicious iced coffees, or even coffee-based cocktails or smoothies using this blend for a real taste sensation.



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