Premium 888

Specialty blend from Gold Coast Coffee Roasters, Cre8ive Coffee

At Cre8ive Coffee, we are proud of our unique award-winning Premium 888 coffee blend.  This is our Golden Bean Australia winner for the best milk-based coffee blend and remains one of our most popular choices for those who like to have their coffee with milk or milk substitutes.

This unique coffee blend has bright floral characteristics with a rich intensity that cuts through milk for a fulfilling, balanced coffee. It is the perfect coffee blend for lovers of flat whites and lattes.




Red Berry




Brazil Monte Alegre | Natural – the superb, naturally processed coffee beans originate from the Monte Alegre Estate in Brazil.  The coffee beans are variable in colouring and produce a light-acidity coffee with a complex berry and fruit flavour.  These are roasted to between medium and dark for optimum taste, and are suitable for espresso blends and French press infusions.

Ethiopia Yirgachaffe (washed) – these distinctive Ethiopian well-finished, clean coffee beans have a medium-to-high acidity and body, and are roasted light-to-medium to produce a complex, dynamic, bright flavour.

Colombian | Supremo – Supremo coffee beans are large-grade coffee beans with a strong green colour to produce good, pronounced acidity coffee that is highly aromatic, balanced, delicate and sweet fruited.  To maintain the beans’ characteristics, they are best roasted medium-high or medium.

Guatemala | Antigua Los Volcanoes – The rich green, high grade coffee beans from ‘Antigua Los Volcanoes’ of Guatemala produce intensely fragrant, spicy flavours with bitter chocolate overtones.  Originating from rich volcanic soils in an ideal microclimate, this medium acidity, full body coffee is typically combined with other origin coffee for superior blends.



Premium 888 is made through a two-phase roasting process – light and dark. It is then hand-mixed into the perfect espresso blend. You can experiment with different methods for your ideal cup of Premium 888. We recommend this blend as an espresso, french press or stovetop with milk.


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