Coffee Blends from Rainforest Regions

Our Rainforest Smooth blend is a coffee blend roasted from a combination of coffee beans from five distinct origins: Brazil, Guatemala, Columbia, Costa Rica and Papua New Guinea.  These are all unique rainforest regions of the world: ideal habitats in which to grow coffee.  Cre8ive Coffee roasters bring together coffee beans from these various places to provide the complex yet delicate and smooth flavor of Rainforest Smooth.

Sweet honey, milky chocolate and nutty tasting notes make this the perfect blend to punctuate your day and enjoy.





Milky chocolate



Brazil Monte Alegre | Natural – the superb, naturally processed coffee beans originate from the Monte Alegre Estate in Brazil.  The coffee beans are variable in colouring and produce a light-acidity coffee with a complex berry and fruit flavour.  These are roasted to between medium and dark for optimum taste, and are suitable for espresso blends and French press infusions.

Costa Rica | Tarrazu – the Tarrazu beans from Costa Rica are harvested at different times according to the altitudes in which they are grown.  They are well screened and greenish, producing a soft to medium body coffee with medium acidity.  The result is a rich quality, strong and rounded infusion with honey and floral flavours: an ideal enhancer for high-grade coffee blends.

Papua New Guinea | Y3 – These beans from the Kimel Estate of Papua New Guinea are mixed in sizes but consistent in quality.  With high acidity and medium body, the resulting coffee has an intense wild fruit flavour and is typically blended with other origin beans which have complimentary characteristics.

Guatemala | Antigua Los Volcanoes – The rich green, high grade coffee beans from ‘Antigua Los Volcanoes’ of Guatemala produce intensely fragrant, spicy and bitter chocolate flavoured coffee.  Originating from rich volcanic soils in an ideal microclimate, this medium acidity, full body coffee is normally combined with other origin coffee to create superior blends.

Colombian | Supremo – Supremo coffee beans are large-grade coffee beans with a strong green colour to produce good, pronounced acidity coffee that is highly aromatic, balanced, delicate and sweet fruited.  To maintain the beans’ characteristics, they are best roasted medium-high or medium.



Rainforest Blend is subtle and delicate, and is ideal for making a smooth espresso or long black. Experiment with different methods for your perfect cup of Rainforest. We recommend this blend as an espresso, stovetop or AeroPress.


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